Benefits of Wireless Remote Controls in Electrical Works

Posted on: 7 June 2021

As a novice electrician, you will get projects where you are required to install electrical systems at height or close to safety hazards. In such undertakings, safety is of utmost importance; therefore, remote controls are essential pieces of equipment. With the right remote control, electricians can safely handle risky tasks, which goes a long way toward keeping staff safe. That said, wireless remote controls are better than their cabled counterparts. This article highlights the key benefits of wireless remote controls in electrical works.  

Work on Safe Grounds -- Imagine using a crane to erect electric poles and install cables. Notably, you must be in close proximity to the equipment, which creates a safety issue. While professional electricians abide by safety procedures and protocols, working a safe distance away from the crane and equipment is the only way to guarantee safety. Using cabled remote-controlled equipment restricts the operating distance, which can create a safety risk. However, a wireless remote control allows you to use equipment from a safer distance, away from all the risks. Besides, a wireless controller is easy to maintain because of minimal cabling.

Better Vantage Points -- Installing electrical systems requires proper positioning to achieve safe installations. Notably, the only way to get a better vantage point is to move around and examine a project site from different positions. Once you have established the right spot to operate a remote control, all you have to worry about is getting the work done. Since you cannot move freely with cabled remote controls, finding the right vantage point for overhead operations might be tricky. Wireless remote control allows you to move freely around a worksite until you find a vantage point to operate from.

Flexibility -- Flexibility is critical when implementing electrical contracts, especially if you want to achieve a competitive edge. For instance, a cabled remote control is useless on a bob lift with mechanical issues since you cannot get the lift to a work site. In such a case, the only option is to rent another bob lift that is equipped with a remote controller. However, that is a waste of resources, considering that you have a perfectly functioning remote control. With wireless remote control, you enjoy a lot of flexibility since you can accept jobs anytime as long as a lift is functioning optimally. You can simply toss a remote control in your car and head straight to a worksite. Besides, it costs less to hire a lift without a remote control.

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