Mining Equipment: Three Principal Tips for Ensuring Consistent Performance

Posted on: 25 April 2022

The different equipment used in mining operations is resilient, efficient and durable. However, their performance will decline over time due to the lack of care. Therefore, if you are running a mining operation, you should establish a program to ensure that the machines are well-maintained. This critical consideration will promote the consistent performance of the equipment and prevent inefficiencies and related losses. Also, the mining units will be safer when serviced regularly, so the workers on the site will avoid accidents. Here are some critical tips to remember when planning for the maintenance of your mining equipment.

Consider Electrical Issues

You should consider the electrical demands of your mining equipment during the purchase or hire. This consideration is critical for ensuring the provision of consistent power for operations. Keep in mind that the energy requirements for mining can be high. As a result, the risk of electrical accidents such as electrical shock, electrocution and electrical fires is high. Moreover, the inconsistent power supply will cause damage to the equipment due to overheating or general surges. Therefore, purchase the recommended electrical safety devices to manage the power flow. In addition, take note of anomalies in the power flow within your mining site and address them immediately.

Inspect the Equipment

Pieces of mining equipment often fail during operations due to the lack of early detection of functional problems. Therefore, you should plan for the inspection of your machinery to ensure that all anomalies are identified as early as possible. Under normal circumstances, all the equipment should be inspected daily before use. This precaution will ensure that no one on the site uses faulty or damaged equipment. Consequently, you will protect the workers on the site and promote maximum productivity by addressing inefficiencies in the machinery before actual failure.

Lubricate the Components

Poor lubrication practices can lead to the degradation of your equipment. In general, mining operations take place in hostile environments, and the stress to which the machines are expressed is high. If the components are not lubricated correctly, they will experience extensive friction. Moreover, lubricants are critical for cooling. Therefore, insufficient lubrication will lead to wear, overheating problems and subsequent failure. Therefore, follow the manufacturer's guidelines for lubrication. Use the recommended products for ideal results. Finally, plan for the immediate repair of your mining equipment as soon as you experience a malfunction or notice a decline in performance. Choose a professional contractor for both mechanical and electrical problems for optimal restoration of the machinery and long-term efficiency.