4 Reasons to Create a Wired Home Network Over a Wireless Network

Posted on: 20 March 2023

Wi-Fi networks have become increasingly popular over the last few decades, so many homeowners now no longer see the point of opting for a wired home network. However, there are advantages to having your home set up with a wired network, and they can be beneficial whether you're an avid online gamer or someone who works from home.

Here are just four reasons why wired home networks are worth considering.

1. Speed

The days when Wi-Fi connections could only deliver substandard speeds are long gone, and yet wired networks continue to outpace them. When you connect a device to a wired network, you are establishing a direct connection, so data can be delivered far more quickly than it would be when carried by radio waves over a Wi-Fi signal. Whether you like to stream HD movies or download large files, opting for a wired home network is going to deliver significantly faster speeds.

2. Reliability

You might think that you don't require a particularly fast internet connection, but very few people can get along for long without a stable internet connection. While Wi-Fi networks have greatly improved and allow excellent mobility, signals can still drop. In contrast, wired networks offer far more reliable connections. This is particularly important if you like to play online games or if you need to make lots of video calls since even a few seconds of dropped signal can prove problematic. Additionally, those who use their home networks for work can be put in a tough position if their connection fails for long.

3. Added Security

Homeowners don't tend to think about the security of their networks as much as those establishing networks for commercial purposes, but security is still important. After all, just think about the kind of data that passes through your network each day. It's often better to be safe than sorry when it comes to online security, and wired networks tend to offer better protection than wireless networks since they are much harder to hack or intercept.

4. No Blockage Issues

One of the problems with Wi-Fi networks is that the signal can be blocked by various obstructions. If you live in a larger home or one with particularly thick walls, your Wi-Fi connections can suffer. In fact, even where you place a device in a room can impact how strongly and reliably it connects to the internet. This won't be a concern with a wired network. Since data travels through cables rather than radio waves, it cannot be blocked.

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