Security System Installation Tips

Posted on: 4 October 2018

Security systems have become a standard feature in homes, offices and other public areas. They not only enhance security by deterring theft, but also monitor the state of affairs in the premises. If you want a security system in your home or business, below are some security systems you should consider.

  • Monitored. These are security systems that alert the security company or police once the alarm goes off.
  • Unmonitored. The unmonitored system alerts neighbours once the alarm goes off. It has a loud siren and flashing lights meant to warn neighbours that there are intruders in your home.
  • Wired and wireless. The security system can be configured to be wired (wires connect the various components) or wireless (no wires are used).

What are your needs?

People install security systems for different reasons.

  • At-home security systems are used to deter unauthorised access. Parents may install nanny cams to monitor their children.
  • Business owners may install closed-circuit television systems to monitor the productivity of employees.
  • Banks install complex security systems to deter employee theft and to alert security agencies in case of a robbery.
  • Security systems in shops and supermarkets deter shoplifting.

What are your threats?

A good security system should target all potential threats. For instance, if you want to deter wild animals, you can install motion sensor lights. Hidden cameras are a favourite for people who want to spy. Choose a high-tech bugler alarm system if you are protecting valuables in your home. 

Who has access to the premises?

If there are young children or adolescents in your home, you have to be careful over the kind of security system you will install. For instance, you may avoid installing alarm systems that require a code to open the door. Kids might forget the code hence set off the alarm. Besides, they may intentionally put in the wrong code to see what will happen. Do not install security cameras in areas where people need their privacy such as washrooms and bedrooms.

What are the costs?

The security system installation costs will drastically increase if you want a complex system. Visit a few shops and inquire about the prices of the various equipment you want to be installed. Also, ask your electrician to give you a quote on how much the installation will cost.

The primary considerations you should make during security system installation are your needs, the threats, occupants of the premises and the installation costs.