4 Actions To Undertake If Your Power Goes Out At Home

Posted on: 20 May 2016

Plenty of factors can trigger a power outage. A car accident may snap power lines or a maintenance error at the power company can cause power failure. In other cases, your power may have simply tripped. Irrespective of the cause, the important thing is to stay calm. This guide is designed to help you undertake certain actions if your power goes out at home. Some causes may be simple enough to fix on your own, while others may require the services of an emergency electrician.

Establish Whether Other Homes Have Gone Out In Your Neighbourhood

The first thing you need to do is to determine whether your home is the only one without electricity. If your house is the only one that has gone out, then locate your fuse box and check for blown fuses and tripped switches. This could probably be the problem. If the whole neighbourhood has gone off, then the source of the problem may be from the power company.

Reset Tripped Switches Or Replace Fuses On Fuse Box

If the switch has tripped, simply reset it and your electricity should turn back on. If a fuse has blown, then you may need to get an emergency electrician to replace the fuse immediately. It's always best to leave any electrical work to a professional, especially if you're unfamiliar with handling the fuses around your home. If neither of these are the issue, then you may have another problem on your hands.

Call Your Local Electricity Company

If the problem isn't inside your fuse box, then there may be a problem at your local electricity company.  You will find their number on any old power bill, so be sure to call them to see whether the problem is more widespread. If the problem is a maintenance error at the power company, then you may simply need to wait until they can fix it before your power gets restored once again.

Inform The Electrical Company Of Downed Power Lines In Your Suburb 

If there is no problem at the power company, then there could be downed electrical lines in your suburb, which you need to report to them. This can be potentially dangerous, so be sure to stay away from these power lines. You may also need to call the authorities to report this emergency. Keep your pets and children indoors because these downed electrical wires could be lethal.

If you can fix a power failure on your own by simply resetting the switches, then go ahead and do so. If not, you will need an emergency electrician or your local power company to inspect and fix the problem.