Some Features to Consider for a Home Automation System

Posted on: 18 September 2015

Home automation is more popular and more common than ever before; a home automation system will usually include the security features for the home but also controls over the thermostat, entryways, and even the plumbing system. Since they're more affordable than ever, you might consider having such a system installed in your home for a variety of reasons. Note some features you may want to consider including and why they can be beneficial for you.

1. Temperature controls

One reason to have an automated system tied into the thermostat and temperature controls is that you can easily adjust the thermostat during the day while you're away. You may want to raise the thermostat as the outside temperature drops, so that your houseplants and pets are warm and secure, but then lower the thermostat once it gets warm again. You can keep your furnace or air conditioner off during the day but then turn it on as you leave the office, so the home is comfortable without your appliances running for hours in an empty house. Having this type of control can mean not wasting energy and can also mean not contributing to neighborhood brownouts, since you can monitor your energy consumption during peak usage hours.

2. Shading

Your home's shades can be tied in with the automation system and this too can add to the comfort of your home while you're away. You may want to close the blinds as the sun comes up to avoid having the home become too warm but then open them again in the later afternoon, before you arrive home. Automated shades can also make your home look occupied; a potential thief may see the shades raise and lower at different times and may not realize that the home is empty. 

3. Plumbing

 A home automation system can be connected to faucets in the home, and this can help you to keep pipes from freezing in the wintertime. If the temperature drops unexpectedly while you're away, you can turn on a faucet to a slow trickle and keep the water flowing. If your children are home alone, you can ensure they don't keep the water running absentmindedly, and in turn, save on your water costs. 

4. Lighting

Having control of your lights from a remote access pad or panel can make it easier for you to ensure that lights are never left on in an unoccupied space. You can turn on lights randomly while traveling so the home looks occupied, or turn on dim lights in areas of your home as the sun sets. This can set a relaxing mood and keep a space safely illuminated without having to get up and turn on or off all the lights in the home.