Home Update and Installation Jobs That Are Better Left to an Electrician

Posted on: 31 July 2015

It may not be necessary to call an electrician every time you buy a new lamp or electronic piece you might hook up to your entertainment centre, but there are some updates and installations that are often better left to such a professional. This is because connecting certain electrical devices can often be more complicated than you may realize. Note a few times when you want to call for an electrician for updates and installations in your home.

1. Installing a new ceiling fan

Installing a new ceiling fan can be more difficult than you realize, as you need to connect the bare wires from the fan to the wires in your ceiling. This needs to be done properly, with the right caps on the wires, so that the weight of the fan doesn't pull on the wires and separate them. It's also good to have a professional do this for you since a new fan may need more power than older wiring can support. An electrician can test the wattage and visually inspect the wiring to note if it's in good condition and right for a new fan and light fixture.

2. Installing large components in a home theatre

You can bring home a new DVD player and plug this into your television without a problem, but if you're installing large components or are setting up a new home theatre, call an electrician. Like a new ceiling fan, your home's wiring may not be able to support all the power that a new flat-screen TV, Internet modem, video game player and all these other components will need. You may actually need a new circuit installed in your home to support the entertainment centre itself. An electrician can also ensure that surge protectors are installed to protect these devices.

3. Upgraded kitchen appliances

Today's kitchen appliances often offer a large number of functions; a refrigerator may automatically adjust its own temperature and a dishwasher may fill water automatically according to the load it senses. All these functions may require more electrical power to operate. If you were to bring home a new, upgraded refrigerator and just plug it in, you may see it blow the circuit often or suffer brownouts. 

If your new appliances are upgraded in any way or offer these updated features, call an electrician to test the wiring before bringing them home. If necessary, he or she may want to rewire the circuits in your kitchen. They may also upgrade the wiring to ensure that your kitchen gets the power it needs.