Eco-Friendly Mining Trends You Need to Consider

Posted on: 29 July 2015

When you own an underground mine and hire contractors to work the mine for you, it's good to note how they will protect the environment during the mining processes. Mining is often one of the most harsh processes that affects the environment, yet there are things that a mining contractor can do to reduce this damage and even rebuild the environment during and after the mining is done.

If you haven't investigated the various methods of eco-friendly mining, note a few of these here. Discuss these with your contractors before the mining begins so you know your mine will have the least impact on the environment as possible.

1. Selective stripping

Stripping the area of a mine is a common practice, but selective stripping can ensure that the environment is impacted as little as possible. A land surveyor can note where the land might be most impacted by the mine and work with the mining contractor to note which areas can remain untouched. The less vegetation that is stripped and the less topsoil that is removed for mining, the healthier the environment and the less replenishing that needs to be done once the mine is closed.

2. Added exhaust and ventilation

Mining uses and releases a variety of gasses to power cutting tools and because those gasses are trapped underground. Venting these gasses can ensure that they don't get trapped where they don't belong and in turn, damage the environment. Trapped gasses belong in certain areas underground and when they're allowed to seep into other areas, they can choke out roots of vegetation and even make their way to groundwater sources. Adding extra exhaust and ventilation can help to release these gasses so they don't get trapped where they don't belong and this can protect the environment.

3. Recycled water and replenishing  

Mining uses water to soften the ground and help to wash away the debris from the mine. A mining contractor can use tremendous amounts of water for their processes, and may simply buy and use fresh water. This is a waste; a mining contractor can buy recycled water for their use and even recycle the water on the mining site itself. After the mine is opened and then closed, the area should also be replenished with topsoil and native vegetation as much as possible. This should also be done as soon as possible, so the vegetation has a chance to take root as quickly as it can.

Additionally, talk to an electrician at a company like Arrow Electrical Services to learn ways to make your mining equipment function as efficiently as possible.