How to Troubleshoot Common Problems With Household Appliances

Posted on: 28 July 2015

As a homeowner, you may not be able to fix all the problems you experience with your household appliances, but being able to troubleshoot some common problems can help you to know what to expect by way of repairs. You can then also know if the repair is relatively simple, so you don't assume that you will simply need a new refrigerator, stove, washer, and the like.

Note a few common problems you might face with your appliances and their possible cause:

1. The refrigerator makes excessive noise when working

The compressor of the refrigerator moves coolant through the back of the unit, and the fan blows cooled air into the inside of the refrigerator. If these parts are not lubricated enough or if they start to break down, you may hear them grind, squeal, or otherwise make noise as they try to work.

In some cases this noise can also be caused when a refrigerator is not level, as the parts may rub against each other. If you ignore this problem you might allow excessive damage to the unit's parts, so it's best to have them checked for proper lubricant as soon as possible.

2. Top burners won't work on the stove

One of the most common reasons for this happening with a gas stove is that the line providing gas to the burner or burners gets clogged. You can try to clean out this line with a pipe cleaner, or you may need to have it replaced. For an electric stove, the receptacle into which the element plugs in may be defective, or the heating element, the coil on which you set your pans, is also defective. You can try to replace the heating element and if this doesn't fix the problem, call for repairs to the receptacle.

3. The washer doesn't work or doesn't drain

A very common problem with washers is that the lid switch will become defective. This is the switch that tells the machine that the lid is closed. Most machines won't start or drain if the lid is open, so if the switch doesn't sense that the lid is closed, the machine will simply stop working or not start at all. You can also check that the drain hose isn't clogged or kinked as this too can stop the machine from draining. For a machine that doesn't work at all, the wiring may be corroded and may need replacing.

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