Refrigeration Maintenance

Posted on: 23 July 2015

Refrigeration is one of the most important things when it comes to preserving foods and that you tend to take for granted until it is not working properly.  Some businesses depend heavily on having refrigeration that works properly. Even trucking concerns that transport foods are at the mercy of their refrigeration system being on point. Taking some simple steps to maintain a refrigeration system can help to keep the repairman at bay:

Keep It Clean

Whether you have a commercial refrigeration system or you just want to keep your fridge at home humming along keeping it clean is a key factor in ensuring continued operation.  Most refrigeration systems have vents and coils, hair and debris can build up against the vents and the coils blocking air flow. When the air flow is blocked the refrigeration system has to work twice as hard and of course that puts twice as much stress on the mechanics.

Make it a habit once a month (more if you have pets around) to take the hose piece to the vacuum and clean out these areas.

Check the Seals

You can visually check the door gaskets and run your hand across the top. Look for debris that is stuck between the gasket and the door (it happens more than you can imagine). Things that are placed on top of the unit often roll off and wind up stuck between the gasket on the door and the door. Over time the gasket can become worn out or get twisted which will affect the amount of cooling. It is another scenario where the refrigeration has to work twice as hard to meet the called for temperature.

Check for Drain Tubes

Many (not all ) refrigeration systems will have drain tubes that are either located on the bottom or in the back of the unit. These tubes can clog up with gunk. The tray should be emptied regularly and the tube should be flushed according to manufacturers instructions.

A little effort can go a long way in extending the life of your refrigeration system.  If you have done all of the above and you notice that your system is just not chilling the way it should then you should call in a professional as soon as possible.

The sooner you have someone knowledgeable come in and take a look the sooner the damage can be minimized and your refrigeration system can be up and running again. To learn more, contact a company like WMCA.