When to Call an Electrician to Your Home

Posted on: 20 July 2015

It's never good to overlook signs that your home's wiring may be unsafe, as an electrical fire can easily start behind the walls of your home and spread quickly. Bare or frayed wires can singe building materials and improperly grounded wires can cause an electrical shock. For all these reasons, it's good to know when to call an electrician to your home to upgrade or replace wiring as needed:

1. When you feel a shock

Walking across a carpet in your stocking feet when the air is very dry can cause a buildup of static electricity; even children know this. You can feel the shock when you touch someone or something else. However, if you notice a shock every time you touch a certain appliance and you cannot explain it away because of static electricity, it's good to call an electrician. The wiring of the appliance may not be grounded properly and should be checked and replaced. 

2. Blackened outlets

When you notice that electrical outlets are blackened, this should be checked by an electrician. This often means that there is singeing behind the outlet and the outlet itself is now scorched. You may also notice that the outlet is warm to the touch. In either case, this can mean your home is at risk for an electrical fire.

3. Rodents in the home

You may not connect rodents in the home to electrical problems, but mice and rats like to chew through electrical cords. If you know you have an infestation or have seen rodent droppings around areas of wiring, it's good to call an electrician to have your home's wired checked. This will ensure none of your home's wires have been chewed through or damaged by these pests.

4. When connections are loose

If you use an outlet or flip a switch in your home and notice that the connections are loose, this often means that it's time to call an electrician. The connections to these can become loose over time, and especially if the outlets or switches are not in good condition, or if you painted over the screws and the paint is now chipping and allowing the plates to separate from the wall.

Rather than trying to tighten them yourself, you want to call an electrician so he or she can note if the wires themselves need replacing and so they can replace the outlets and switches as necessary. This will help you to avoid the risk of electrical shock and will ensure that you don't simply tighten connections over frayed or bare wires.