Some Not-So-Obvious Times to Call an Electrician

Posted on: 20 July 2015

There are often times when it's obvious that your home needs the services of an electrician; if the power is out and you know you've paid your bill and your neighbours have their lights on, then of course you need to call a professional to your home. However, there are also times when it's not so obvious that you may need to have an electrician inspect the wiring and connections in your home, and ignoring these signs can mean the risk of serious damage to the home and even your electrical devices. Note a few of those not-so-obvious signs that an electrician should be called.

1. Appliances or devices burn out too soon when plugged into one outlet

If you notice that your hair dryer, a lamp or even one of your kitchen appliances all seem to die out too soon when plugged into one outlet, this is often a sign that the outlet itself is faulty. You may not have the right ground wire and the appliances or devices may be getting overloaded with electricity. Before you buy another curling iron or microwave, call an electrician to check the outlet itself and see about replacing or upgrading the wiring if necessary.

2. Light bulbs keep popping

Along with electrical devices that burn out too quickly, light bulbs popping often signal that there is something wrong with the electricity they're receiving. When a bulb burns out, it might make a slight popping sound, but if you notice that bulbs burn out sooner than you think they should or they make a loud popping, hissing or crackling sound as they go dark, have the electricity checked in that outlet or in the wiring behind your overhead lights.

3. Rust or corrosion around the circuit panel

Rust or corrosion around the circuit panel may mean moisture has seeped into this area, and this can be dangerous for the wiring behind the panel. There may also be bare or frayed wires or a poor connection to the circuit box, so that electricity is actually singeing the drywall and other materials around the panel. This can disrupt the power to the circuits and can also mean that your home is at increased risk of an electrical fire.

In some cases you may not see rust or corrosion but may notice that the lettering on the circuit box has faded or other signs of moisture. In any case, call an electrician to have your circuit box inspected and replaced if necessary.

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