Warning Signs of Electrical Malfunction in Your Home

Posted on: 9 March 2016

When it comes to electrical problems in the home, it is prudent to look out for any signs of malfunction and have the issues addressed posthaste. This is because something that may appear to be a simple fault can easily become exacerbated and compromise your entire electrical system. Here are some of the warning signs of electrical malfunction that would indicate you require the services of a licensed electrician.

The Lights in Your Home Keep Flickering

If you notice one of the lights in your home is flickering, chances are the problem may lie with the bulb itself. In this instance, you could opt to replace the bulb with a new one to see if this will correct the problem. However, if the flickering continues or it affects multiple lights in your residence, chances are the wiring in your home has sustained a fault. It would be best to hire an electrician to diagnose and remedy the problem to ensure the lights aren't a safety hazard in your home.

The Fuses in Your Home Keep Blowing

An occasional blown fuse is something that homeowners will have to contend with. However, if you notice that you have to replace your fuses on a frequent basis, then there could be a serious underlying problem with your circuitry. Typically, your fuses will keep blowing on a regular basis if your electrical system is often overloaded. This may also occur if your circuit breaker is malfunctioning so it is unable to correct surges in electricity. An electrician will be able to decide whether you require additional outlets incorporated into your electrical system or if you need to have your circuit breaker replaced.

The Outlets in Your Home Cause Minor Electrical Shocks

If you experience a slight electrical shock either when plugging in appliances or switching on the lights, chances are there is a short occurring in your electrical system. There are two common causes for this. The first is when the wiring in your electrical system has become frayed, and the second is when the wiring no longer has the appropriate insulation to contain the electricity. Slight electrical shocks may seem like a minor inconvenience, but they pose a serious hazard in the home. Not only could they eventually lead to electrocution, but they could also cause a house fire if not addressed in good time by a qualified electrician.

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