Picking the Right Security Lighting

Posted on: 23 July 2015

Security lighting is more and more important in commercial buildings. The function of security lighting in a commercial facility is to protect property and persons from dusk to dawn. Furthermore, it also helps instill a sense of security and confidence among the building occupants and also avert liability stemming from slip and fall accidents. Any facility that isn't lit properly inside and out hardly provides a sense of safety and furthermore, acts as a stimulant for criminal activities to occur

A commercial electrician can be called in to assess the existing lighting and advice on the best security lighting fixture for a given building. Read on to find out what factors are taken into consideration:

Picking the best security lighting replacements

To pick the perfect lighting replacement, the commercial electrician will first determine the exact needs and preferences of the building occupants. For corporate facilities, the main area of focus would be probably on entrance areas and perimeter fencing for identity verification of visitors. Therefore, the quality of lighting in these areas would be very important. Besides the performance requirements, electricians normally weigh potential security lighting fixtures against these other four considerations:

  1. Economics:  Every type of security lighting has its cost implications. Therefore, an electrician will recommend a given lighting retrofit based on the budget expenditure set aside for the project by the commercial facility. Besides, the electrician will also explain to the facility owner about the cost of dodging by providing a causal effect explanation about the negative effects of choosing to ignore security lighting upgrade.
  2. Environmental concerns:  The choice of security lighting must also factor in the issue of environmental pollution. This is because some forms of lighting produce pollution that may affect neighbouring flora and fauna. Further to that, you don't want light trespass encroaching on neighbouring buildings or facilities. LED light bulbs are notably Eco-friendly.
  3. Local codes:  A professional commercial electrician should be conversant with all the local regulations that pertain to security lighting. You don't want to cross paths with your local authority for installing lighting that is less than ideal based on the local regulations. Therefore, the issue of compliance is a significant factor in selecting the right security lighting retrofit.
  4. Energy consumption:  Energy conservation is a critical concern. A commercial electrician will help you approach your lighting project with a mentality for energy. A good security lighting retrofit is one that complies with the legal codes and still features a conservation element. LEDs are known for their energy efficiency and make a good lighting choice compared to incandescent light bulbs.

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