Old Wiring Causes Problems Within Homes

Posted on: 20 July 2015

When you are currently residing in a home with an old fuse box or are moving to a new location with an old fuse box, it is important to understand what will need to be replaced. Many homeowners are under the impression that fuse boxes must be replaced often, but it is not an old fuse box that is necessarily the culprit of the problem with safety. The electrical safety issues in any home can be linked to old wiring:

The Connection Between an Old Fuse Box and Old Wiring

The only problem with having an old fuse box in your home is that old fuse boxes have old wiring. It is the wiring that needs to be analysed. There is nothing particularly unsafe about having an old fuse box installed in your home as long as it was installed with all regulations followed. If regulations were followed at old fuse box, it is likely the box is  functioning properly. The problem exists with wiring that wears over time.

New Fuse Box Installation

If you do decide that you want to have a new fuse box installed within your home, you need to have the home entirely rewired. As stated before, it is the wiring itself that is the major issue. Installing a new fuse box with old wiring will only exacerbate the problems with electricity. A new fuse box that you have installed will most likely have switches that are designed to be overly sensitive.

This means that any breakdown with the wires results in the current not being accepted. The major problem that occurs when you install a new fuse box with old wiring is that tripping can occur often. This can be a big annoyance for many homeowners.

Screws Loosening Over Time

Another issue to be aware of regarding old wiring involves the electrical screws used to keep wiring place. It is normal for these screws to become loose, which can lead to a major electrical hazard within the home.

Age is not a determining factor of a bad fuse box, but it is a sign that old wiring exists. Old wiring is the major culprit of most electrical issues within a home. As long as a fuse box is inspected and tested for safety, it is adequate no matter what age. If the wiring in old fuse boxes are fine and show no signs of wear, then no major electrical problems or hazards within the house should exist. It is the wiring that needs to be examined more often to ensure optimal levels of safety.

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