3 Instances When Your Home May Be Telling You That it Needs Electrical Services

Posted on: 20 July 2015

Not all symptoms of needed electrical services for your home are as obvious as you might imagine. In some cases, your power may go out completely when there is a problem with the wiring behind the walls, but very often you may still get electricity even if your home's systems need repair or upgrades. Ignoring these signs can put your home at risk for an electrical fire and cause wear and tear on your electrical devices. Note the following.

1. When recessed lights burn out at different times, or some don't work

If you put light bulbs into recessed lights at the same time, they should all burn out at approximately the same time. If you notice that some burn out much sooner than others or some don't work at all, this is often a problem with the wiring behind the walls and not the bulbs themselves. When some wiring is frayed or bare, it won't provide enough power for bulbs and they burn out sooner than they should, or those lights won't work at all.

2. When appliances slow down and struggle to work

Very often you can hear the fan in your refrigerator kick on when the inside needs to be cooled, and if you notice that it seems to grind or otherwise struggle, this often signals that the refrigerator is not getting enough power. You may also notice that the ceiling fan in the living room slows down when you turn on the microwave or use a hair dryer. Whatever appliances or electronic devices slow down and struggle, this typically means your home needs upgraded wiring. You may be overloading the circuits and in turn, putting your home at risk of electrical fires. This also puts undue wear and tear on your electrical devices. 

3. When there is a popping or spark as you unplug a cord

When you unplug a cord from an outlet, you should never hear a popping sound or see a spark of electricity. If you do, this often signals that the outlet is not properly grounded. In some cases you may be using a device that demands more electricity than the wiring can provide. This can be very dangerous as that popping and the spark can mean bare or frayed wires, and the electricity at the end of the outlet can come into contact with building materials and cause singeing. 

Any time you have questions or concerns regarding the electrical systems in your home, call for electrical services. This will protect your appliances and your home as well.